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Women's Beginner Guided Backpacking Trip 

July 29-31, 2023

6 Spots SOLD! Only 6 Spots left! 

Join us in Stehekin, Washington. 

Stehekin is nestled deep in the heart of the North Cascades. Only accessible by foot, boat, and plane. Join us, Amanda & Karina for the first Beginner's Guided Backpacking Trip!

 "Stehekin is a breathtaking destination nestled deep in the heart of the North Cascades. Once you reach Stehekin you’ll find yourself in a valley surrounded by peaks of the North Cascades. You’ll be dwarfed by trees over a hundred feet tall, wind your way up the one-lane road, hear the glacial melt running over the rocks of the Stehekin river, and experience one of the most peaceful places on earth.

Whether you are coming to Stehekin to hike and experience the North Cascades up close or to just relax and escape the buzz of everyday life, you will find what you are looking for." 

Stehekin: Where no roads can take you


Why Guided Backpacking?

  • Be guided by the knowledgeable guides Amanda Bloomquist & Karina Baldwin who have over 20 years of backpacking experience. 

  • All the gear is provided for you!

  • Guided keep you safe.

  • No research is needed and you still get to see the best spots!

  • We cover all the details!

  • Make new friends who are "yes-men" too

  • You're a beginner and get to learn the ropes

  • You will leave knowing the skills to enter the backcountry yourself prepared and ready to explore!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
- Check-in by 7:30 am
ferry leaves at 8:30 am from ChelanArrives at Prince Creek at 10am
Hike 10 miles to Moore Point Camping 

Day 2
- Hike 7 miles to Stehekin
- Camp at Lakeview campground
- Rainbow Falls

Day 3
- Shuttle to Stehekin bakery for breakfast
-12:30 Ferry
3pm arrive in Chelan


Beginner Backpacking- Am I fit enough for this?

Understand your fitness level

This trip is considered to be a moderate fitness level. Each participant will be in charge of carrying their own backpack 7-10 miles per day over variable terrain. The pack will weigh roughly 27-40 lbs depending on the amount of clothes and food that are brought. 

The ideal female base weight for an average backpacker is 25-30 lbs (this is without water or food). 

In order for you to enjoy the experience, we recommend this trip be intentionally trained for.

You do not have to be wonder woman to be able to carry the weight or hike the miles, just someone who is up for a challenge and ready to put in the work to prepare BEFORE the trip! 

The most important factor in your enjoyment of the trip is your overall fitness level.  

If you are concerned about your fitness level, reach out to us to schedule a call & we can assist in creating a training plan!


The Non-Tangibles 

Solitude in nature

​Opportunity to disconnect

Bond with other badass women

Life skills to safely travel in the backcountry

Increase in confidence

Increase in self-awareness

Time to self-reflect and grow

Breath-taking views

3 full days of adventuring 

Courage that bleeds into your everyday 

Increased willpower

Improved GRIT


What's Included


  • Campsite & permit fees

  • ​2 person Tent to be shared with another backpacker (ability to have your own tent if needed)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • 55-65L Backpack 

  • Camp Stove for water

  • Water filter

  • Group First Aid Kit

  • Meals Provided 

    • Day 1- Dinner​

    • Day 2- Breakfast + Dinner

    • Day 3- Lunch

    • *Please bring packable: 2 Lunches. 1 Breakfast will be bought at the local bakery on day 3

  • Ferry tickets to and from Chelan

  • Guided Hiking 

  • Backpacking tips & tricks with Amanda

    • How to fit your bag to your body

    • How to pack a bag properly and efficiently

    • What types of food to pack/cook/eat

    • Bear and rattlesnake safety

  • 2 Yoga for Hikers class by Karina ​

  • Mini Mobility classes before hiking by Karina

Gear or No Gear?

Gear or no gear needed! It is up to you. 

Have your own gear but just don't want to travel with it? No worries we got you! 

Step 1: Pick one of the two gear options!

Step 2: Place your deposit!

Step Courageously Adventure

Meet your Guides!

Your backpacking trip will be guided by Karina and Amanda who have 20 years of experience in the backcountry between the two of them!

On the fence?

No worries! We would love to hop on a call with you can talk about it! 

Schedule your free call with us by clicking the button below

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