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Baja Business Reset Retreat

The business reset you have been craving! We will be having massive mindset shifts about how to run your business all while soaking in the relaxation of Baja Mexico! Kelsey and Karina are here to hold the door open for you to the profitable business you've always dreamed of. If you're in your first year, or your 10th, this is the perfect retreat for you! Plus some new activities to try out like surfing, yoga, whale watching, strategy masterminds, mindset workshops and so much more! 

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March 22-27, 2024

You're ready for this retreat if:

  • You wear ALL the hats in your business

  • Are on the verge of burnout in your business

  • Overwhelmed with ideas but no plan of action

  • You have the team, its just not the dream team

  • You're falling out of love with your business

  • The business is stagnant

  • Business feels unsustainable You are constantly uninspired

  • You want to separate your money from your time

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Sample Day

Every day has intentional time for rest, for movement, and for learning.

  • Coffee + light breakfast (watch for WHALES!)

  • Yoga

  • Workshop (mental performance/business)

  • Brunch

  • Workshop (mental performance/business)

  • Hearty Snack

  • Free time/Activity (co-working, surfing, whale watching, massages)

  • Dinner

  • Yoga

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Whats included....

  • 6 days 5 nights in a sunny, bright place to break out of any winter blues.

  • Masterminds with other business owners to revamp your strategies for marketing, budgeting, sales, and leadership. 

  • A full weekend to unplug and relax.

  • Transportation to all group activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation led by Karina Baldwin, MS, 200 CYT 

  • 1 Journaling workshop incorporating motivation Performance Coaching with Karina Baldwin

  • High-Value Action Mental Performance Coaching workshop with Karina

  • Chill evening hangouts.

  • Daily continental breakfast bar, hearty brunch, afternoon snacks, and dinners. 

  • Whale Watching Tour 

  • Afternoon to explore Todos Santos

  • Yoga mats + props

  • Surf lessons from Baja local (no experience necessary)

  • Business Coaching & workshops from Kelsey Knutson

  • 1 virtual recorded goal-setting exercise by Coach Kelsey to prep for the trip

  • 3 Pre-Recorded yoga classes to get your body physically ready for the adventures!

  • FREE access to Kelsey’s signature course, Start Smart

  • 1 fixed pick-up time from the airport, 1 fixed drop-off at the airport. Flying into Las Cabos Airport (Airport Code: SJD)

  • Free time for deepening a connection with yourself, your relationship with your business, nature, and others.​​

  • New connections with like-minded CEO's in the nature-loving community.

  • Optional Add-Ons: 60 Minute Massage or VIP 2 on 1 Coaching Hour *WE WILL DISCUSS IN THE CONSULT CALL*

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Who this IS for...

  • Business Owners

  • Must be ready to participate in daily movement (no experience necessary)

  • Have a growth mindset

  • A willingness to try new things

  • Team player

  • Someone who wants to be a better human, personally and for the sake of their business

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Who this is NOT for...

  • Employees

  • Those who aren’t ready to focus on their growth

  • People who blame Instagram/The economy/Market saturation for all of their business woes

  • Folks who aren’t ready to go all in

  • Humans who don’t like fun ;)

Jenni Shires, WA

"I've had a lifetime of incredible experiences, and this measures up as one of the best. No joke."

Meet Kelsey Knutson
The Business Coach!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. On paper, I’m a business coach with a degree in Entrepreneurship and experience building a six figure business in under 11 months. But this retreat isn’t about business systems and techniques. Nope.


It’s about you, the CEO. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses from baby start ups barely making rent to multi-six figure entrepreneurs building empires. All of them have one thing in common, leadership. Those that succeed have great leaders. And those that fail, neglect their most important investment, their CEO. Which is why Karina and I have created this retreat.


Our goal is to help you reprioritize… you! We want you to be well mind/body/spirit, feel confident in who you are and lead your team through whatever lies ahead. 


I am so excited to combine my expertise in business and personal development with Karina’s skills of movement and mindset to bring you a retreat unlike any other. This is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, and you won’t want to miss it.





P.S. We know this is a big decision and are happy to hop on a call to chat through all of your questions. Space is limited so if a call is needed, please schedule one ASAP.


Meet Karina Baldwin
The Yoga Teacher + Mental Performance Coach

Hi friends! I'm Karina and I am a Yoga + Hiking Retreat Host! I worked in the corporate world for 3 years and that made me realize very quickly I was made for enterpenuership! I enjoyed the people I worked with but I loved the idea of growing something of my own.

I now use my Masters's in Sport and Performance Psychology to help all my clients perform their best at their highest stakes performance: their lives. I have worked with US Army Soldiers and NCAA Athletes but the real work comes with people who want to create their dream life! 

I always start with the body. We get the body moving and intentionally use our muscles, joints, and our full range of motion. From there we can use the breath to sync the mind and the body to one another. 

The body can only exist in the present moment so the focus of the mindset is to always keep the mind where the body is. 

Answer the question: What do you NEED to do NOW?

The goal of the end of the 6 days is to know the perfect balance to answer the question above with being productive and resting.

Kelsey and I have worked to create the perfect balance of relaxation for reset, facilitating you to step into the CEO that will create the business and life you've always wanted.

Nama(stay) CEO


Shared Room $2990

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 3.42.44 PM.png

Shared room with a luxurious bath with a view! Feel the ocean breeze as the soothing sounds at night lull you to sleep. Airport transfers, meals, activities, workshops, yoga, and surfing lessons are included! 3- 5 Twin size beds in a shared space overlooking the water!

 $2,990  each.

Individual Room- SOLD OUT

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Still on the fence?

Schedule a free consult call with Kelsey and Karina (oh yea! You get both of us)! This 45-minute call will not only reassure you in your investment but also leave you feeling confident in your business plan. We will talk about the CEO that you will become by the end of the 6 days.  

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