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Big Sky, Montana
Hiking + Yoga Retreat

This is the retreat you've been waiting for. The hikes, the yoga, the white water rafting, you will be filled to the brim with adrenaline-pumping adventure! This retreat you will be heading to a local river and experiencing the power of Mother Nature through the rapids! Learn lessons of her ruthless power as you navigate her twists and turns safely guided by a local rafting guide! And you can't forget the Sport Psychology workshops that will help you improve your performance in your most valuable performance: LIFE. 

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August 18-23, 2023

Hey adventure seeker! 

This retreat has been calling your name. Whitewater rafting, hikes to Montana's best views, yoga to relax, yoga to mobilize the body, Sport Psychology to level up your life performance, the best vegatarian food Chef Joe has ever made, and so much more! This retreat has all the adventure you have been seeking while being complimented with the strong and soft side of personal development. 

Each yoga class creates the open mindedness neccessary to develop the mental skills to foster motivation and satisfaction in your life. Return home from Montana not only rested but inspired to create your ideal life. 


It's not about eliminating the things you hate doing, its about filling your life MORE with the things that fill you up. 

Take the first step and let this retreat be the place you fill your own cup back up.


This is your pathway from burnt-out to living your most authentic life!

Save your spot today!

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Who this IS for...

  • Adventure loving individuals

  • Those craving a like-minded community

  • Those ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone 

  • Those coming in with an open mind and the motivation to take ownership of their own life results! 

  • Those ready to have a BLAST!

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Who this is NOT for...

  • Fun suckers

  • Close-minded individuals 

  • Those wanting to relax on a beach as a reset

  • Those who let the weather keep them inside 

Whats included....

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Whats included....

  • 6 days 5 nights in a mountain filled place and surrounded by Mother Nature 

  • A full week to unplug and relax.

  • Transportation to all group activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation led by Karina Baldwin, MS, 200 CYT 

  • 1 Journaling workshop incorporating motivation Performance Coaching with Karina Baldwin

  • Chill evening hangouts.

  • Daily breakfast, hearty brunch, afternoon snacks, and dinners all professionally cooked by Chef Joe from Dropping Beets. 

  • Group hike to local views.

  • Locally Guided Whitewater rafting.

  • 1 Virtual LIVE yoga class to reset the retreat bliss before we even get to Montana!

  • 1 fixed pick-up times from the airport, 1 fixed drop-off at the airport, anything outside of this is your responsibility. Flying into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).

  • Free time for deepening a connection with yourself, your relationship with your business, nature, and others.​​

  • New connections with a like-minded nature-loving community.

Whats not included...
  • Yoga Mats & Props

  • Travel Insurance (World Nomad is what I recommend!)

  • Flights to and from Bozeman Airport

  • Snacks

  • Meat in meals

  • Alcohol 

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Meet Karina Baldwin
The Yoga Teacher + Mental Performance Coach

Hi friends! I'm Karina and I am a Yoga + Hiking Retreat Host! I worked in the corporate world for 3 years and that made me realize very quickly I was made for enterpenuership! I enjoyed the people I worked with but I loved the idea of growing something of my own.

I now use my Masters's in Sport and Performance Psychology to help all my clients perform their best at their highest stakes performance: their lives. I have worked with US Army Soldiers and NCAA Athletes but the real work comes with people who want to create their dream life! 

I always start with the body. We get the body moving and intentionally use our muscles, joints, and our full range of motion. From there we can use the breath to sync the mind and the body to one another. 

The body can only exist in the present moment so the focus of the mindset is to always keep the mind where the body is. 

Answer the question: What do you NEED to do NOW?

The goal of the end of the 6 days is to know the perfect balance to answer the question above with being productive and resting.

I can't wait to guide you through this experience from the hikes, the yoga and the workshops!

Happy Adventuring,


King of the Hill Private King

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 10.56.40 PM.png

Private king with its own private luxurious bath! Take a break from the hamster wheel of life! Start every morning like your dream vacation nd sprawl out! On your own or with a friend! One person $2900. Two people $4300

Abe Lincoln Private Queen

image (1).png

Private room with a shared bath. Get nice and cozy with your log cabin feel in the middle of the cowboy state!

 $2,700 for one. $4,000 for two people.

Log Cabin Private Queen

image (2).png

Queeen size bed with a shared bath with a view of Montanas incredible landscape! Get the time to yourself when there is free time to journal and relax while soaking in the Montana views!

 $2,600 for one. $3,900 for two

The Elk Private King

image (5).png

Private room with a luxurious bath with a view! 

 $2,800 for one. $4,100 for two people.

4 Shared Room Full size beds 

image (3).png

Shared room with a shared bath with your bunk mates! All beds are full size beds. Get the summer camp feel while bunking up with your buddies!


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Still on the fence?

Schedule a free consult call with Karina! This 45-minute call will not only reassure you in your investment but also leave you feeling confident in yourself. You will walk away with your Truest Self Blueprint and be able to start taking steps TODAY towards your most authentic life.  

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