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Every year Black Friday and Cyber Monday clutters up your newsfeed and your closet with more STUFF! This year, let this time of year be filled with EXPERIENCES! Karina's favorite way to celebrate her birthday is to go on an adventure with friends and family, what better way to celebrate the holiday season?  Scroll down to see what is included in Karina's BIRTHDAY BASH SALE!

Lake and Mountains Landscape

How to use the SALE!


Pick your Dream Retreat

Browse through all the 2023 Retreats on the calendar, each retreat has their own respective pages, you can click below to learn more about each! Total pricing for each retreat is below the room options! 


Place your deposit

Once you know which retreat is the PERFECT fit for you, click the "Birthday SALE Deposit." Place your $500 deposit and select the retreat and room of you choice! The remainder of the payment will be invoiced to be paid 2 months prior to your retreat! Retreat Layaway! PLUS: No service fees! 


Sit back and get retreat ready!

Starting January 1st you'll be able to schedule your five 1 on 1 Private session with Karina. You can work on Mental coaching or Yoga! Up to you! You also get granted FIRST ACCESS to the Mountain Mentality Membership and your first month being completely FREE! Use both as a resource to get into Retreat level fitness!

What you get with the BIRTHDAY BASH SALE

Click "Place Deposit" > Place your deposit & answer the question to which retreat & which room choice > recieve an email with the link to join the Mountain Membership & Schedule your private sessions within 24 hours!

5 Private 1 on 1 Sessions with Karina

A private lesson give you the ability to ask more questions and deepen your yoga practice further than you would be able to in a group class or a retreat setting. There are so many layers of a yoga practice that we can get into, restorative, strong, stretch or even incorporate mental skills into the practice. Develop your mind and physical body first on your mat, then take it to the real world. Helping you cope with stress and anxiety with ease and efficiency. Over a $400 value of private sessions! 

Retreat Layaway

Place your deposit now and then pay the remainder of your retreat 2 months prior to your retreat start date! It's the Holidays so save your money to gift your future self the gift of commitment! Commit to a retreat this weekend then let the anticipation build between now and your retreat! 

First Month of Mountain  Membership for Free!

Mountain Membership is Karina's Yoga first ever membership program and when you place a deposit during the BIRTHDAY BASH SALE you get FIRST ACCESS to all the On-Demand Videos! On-Demand included Sport Psychology workshops, and yoga classes to support your mountain life! PLUS! Weekly uploaded yoga classes and a LIVE class every month! Your first month is free! The yoga classes and psychology workshops already uploaded to the membership have over a $350 value!  Your first month is included with your deposit and you can continue for only $39 a month! 

No Service Fee

On any payment plan, there is normally a service fee! Forget the service fee and YOU get the savings! Up to a $171 savings per retreat!

What Retreaters are saying


Sarah from Michigan. Already booked her second retreat in 2023!

"This was a transformational experience for me. I came into this anxious and unsure what my next steps in life should be. Going through all of the meditation and journal/reflecting exercises gave me so much clarify. When I left my time at Sunrise felt so at peace. The luxury of this weekend was amazing. We had the most beautiful cabin to stay in and the food was phenomenal. I can’t wait to book my next retreat with Karina.."

This Sale is Perfect for you if...

You are in need of a break from the hectic chaos of life.

You are feeling burnt out from the hamster wheel of corporate America.

You feel as though spending more time in nature will help you reconnect with yourself.

You are ready to embrace big changes in your life but aren't sure which direction you want to go in. 

You are tired of letting your people-pleasing get the best of you.

You love to travel, but sometimes solo travel can be overwhelming.

You want to feel confident in your outdoor exploration but aren't sure where to gain that confidence.

You struggle with doing more of what makes you happy, but you know it will make you more satisfied on a daily basis.

You want to master waking up with motivation and filling your life with more small moments that bring a smile to your face.

You are ready for a big adventure.

But Karina....

"I don't know what I'll be doing in a year"

Perfect! This is your opportunity to plan something that will be an anchor in this ever-changing world. You have the ability to decide: "August of 2023 I will be in Montana, no matter what comes this next year! I am committing today!" You are the only one that can decide now, what you want to be a good decision FOR YOU!

"I don't know if I have the fitness to keep up/I am very new to yoga!"

That's the wonderful thing about the Mountain Membership! You now have FIRST ACCESS to a membership that will assist you in getting to the fitness level you desire! PLUS the five private sessions that come with this sale, you will get one-on-one focused help to level up any fitness goals hat you have in preparation for your retreat or outside goals!

"I can't afford it right now, I'll do it when I do have money."

That thinking has you trapped in a cycle believing that you will never have enough (time, money, or energy) to do anything that will fill your own cup. You are putting yourself at the bottom of your to-do list. But what would it be like if you invested in yourself, woke up motivated and fulfilled to go after everything you've ever dreamed of? We have had retreaters leave their retreat and apply to their dream job, we've had retreaters decide to leave their current job and pursue their hobby full time, and we've had retreaters come back to relationships and approach them with new perspectives. This is the place where when you invest $500, it pays off tenfold in your life.

"I am worried I will commit now, then not be able to show up."

You're right signing up and showing up are very different. I cannot guarantee you are going to show up, simply because you are a human with autonomy! BUT what I can guarantee is my team can take all the hard work out of it. I have paved a path so easy for you that it's as simple as put one foot in front of the other. I take care of the transportation on the retreat, a packing list is sent to your email before we leave, and we have the itinerary covered, a private chef takes care of all your dietary needs and activities that will blow your mind! When you decide to show up, you have the opportunity to show up fully as yourself and rediscover your truest self.

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