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Joshua Tree
Hiking + Yoga Retreat

Karina's Yoga and The Yoga Tree are so excited to partner on this amazing retreat! Wheater you're in Boston, Tacoma, or anywhere else in America: Joshua Tree is the perfect place to welcome new friends and connect deeper with yourself.

Joshua Tree is well-known for it's energy vortexes.

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January 14-18, 2023

Day 1

- Check in

- Welcome Dinner

- Yoga Practice

Day 2- Mobility Yoga 

- Moderate Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

- Restorative Yoga

Day 3

- Dream Self Workshop with Karina

- Yoga

- Heart Chakra workshop with Ally

Day 4

- Mobility Yoga

- Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

- Yoga in JT

- Yoga Mentality 2.0 Workshop

Day 5 

- Final Flow

- Meditation Practice

- Checkout

Sample Itinerary

Known for its incredible sunrises, hikes, and stargazing, Joshua Tree provides the perfect backdrop for you to unplug from the responsibilities of day-to-day life and reconnect with Mother Earth. 


The true magic of Joshua Tree is in its energy vortices, spots throughout the desert where the Earth is exceptionally alive and healthy, where there are measurable increases in energy. 


It's said that a vortex can heighten your intuition, help you gain access to unexpected insight, experience feelings of joy, and can even assist you in gaining a greater understanding of yourself and your dharmic path. 

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Whats included....

  • 2 Virtual recorded yoga classes to get you ready to hike!

  • 5 days 4 nights in a transformative space.

  • Afternoon vortex workshop maximizing Joshua Tree's energy vortex potential.

  • A full weekend to unplug and relax.

  • Transportation to all group activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • Journaling Workshop- Join Karina for a life-changing deep dive into what makes you, YOU. Bring the best parts of whom you are into creating the life you have always dreamed of. We'll be setting goals like never before and will guarantee a massive shift.

  • Chakra Workshop- Join Ally for a special yoga practice that will take you on a journey through the chakra system. Through a thoughtful combination of vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga, we'll harness the power of prana - a vital life force - to create a sense of holistic well-being. We'll utilize the magic of Joshua Tree - its energetic vortexes - to enhance your practice and help you tap into the unlimited potential that resides within you

  • Chill evening hangouts.

  • 4 delicious breakfasts, 3 fueling lunches, and 4 incredible dinners. 

  • 2 Group Hikes in Joshua Tree National Park

  • A photographer that will capture all the memories in a beautiful way: Acela Troffer

  • 2 fixed pick-up times from the airport (Palm Springs- PSP), 1 fixed drop-off at the airport, anything outside of this is your responsibility.

  • Free time for deepening a connection with yourself, nature, and others.​​

  • New connections with like-minded individuals in the nature-loving community.

Sunset Shared Room

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Shared room with a twin-size bed and a shared bath. $1990 for one.

 Joshua's Room

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Private room with a queen-size bed with a private luxurious bath. $2400 for one or $3400 for two people.

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