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Leavenworth, WA 
Hiking + Yoga Retreat

Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains, in central Washington State. Alpine-style buildings with restaurants serving German beer and food line Front Street. Join us as we hike the legendary Alpine Lakes Wilderness to Colchuck Lake (the first 4 miles of The Enchantments). We'll be spending a day exploring the town and relaxing while we float on the alpine clear waters of the Wenatchee River. A week filled with adventures to last a lifetime!

This is an adventure you don't wait to miss out on!

Scroll down to pick your room choice!


July 23-27, 2023

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The Yoga + Sport Psychology

Your greatest performance is your life. There is a clear start, finish and you care about how you do in the middle. Combining Sport Psychology and yoga increases the likeliood that you are satsfied with the results you have created in life. By challenging the body physically through hiking, the mind will be able to clear a path for the most authentic life possible for you. Yoga creates the place for lessons to be learned on and off the mat. Sport Psychology hands you the skills to level up your mindset to create the exact results you want in your life. 

Through Yoga and Sport Psychology rediscover your truest self.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
- Check in
- Welcome Dinner
- Yoga Practice
Day 2
- Mobility Yoga 
- Moderate Hike in the North Cascades
- Restorative Yoga
Day 3
- Truest Self Workshop
- Yoga
- River Float
- Explore Leavenworth (Grab a beer cheese + pretzel!)
Day 4
- Mobility Yoga
- Hike to Colchuck Lake (7.8 mile RT)
- Swim in the alpine lake!
- Restorative yoga
- Yoga Mentality 2.0 Workshop
Day 5 
- Final Flow
- Meditation Practice
- Checkout

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Why Leavenworth

When you step into Leavenworth you travel back in time to a fairy tale. One where there are no corporate jobs. No bosses demanding attention. No PTA meetings to go to. Just you and a little mountain town where you can let your inner child out to play. There's the feeling of adventure and exploration emulating from the entire town!

This little town is tucked away less than 2 hours outside of Seattle, Washington and it's one of the most popular getaways for locals. There is wine tasting, hiking, choclate tasting, Christmas ordament shopping (there is a year round christmas store!), and stien drinking that has the town always buzzing with excitement! 

Summers in Leavenworth have you get a taste of the Pacfic Northwest without the rain or fog. Warm weather, perfect for hiking! Lake Colchuck (pictured at the top of this page) will be our peak hike we will be doing and it is the start of The Enchantments. The Enchantments is one of the highest demanded hike in Washington requiring permits to backpack into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. But don't worry we have everything covered! Join us on the hike that leads you directly to the piercing blue water that feels so good to jump into after the 4 mile trek! 

Scroll down, pick your room, and I'll meet you in Leavenworth!

What's Included

  • 5 days 4 nights in a mountain-filled place and surrounded by Mother Nature 

  • A full week to unplug and relax.

  • Transportation to all group activities.

  • Daily yoga and meditation led by Karina Baldwin, MS, 200 CYT 

  • 1 Journaling workshop incorporating motivation Performance Coaching with Karina Baldwin

  • Chill evening hangouts.

  • Time travel back to the german style town of Leavenworth for exploring!

  • Daily breakfast, hearty brunch, afternoon snacks, and dinners all professionally cooked by Chef Joe from Dropping Beets. 

  • Group hike to local views. (Lake Colchuck of The Enchantments)

  • Locally Guided tubing along the Wenatchee River

  • 1 Virtual LIVE yoga class to reset the retreat bliss before we even get to Leavenworth!

  • Free time for deepening a connection with yourself, your relationship with your business, nature, and others.​​

  • New connections with a like-minded nature-loving community.

Choose your room!

Every retreat we create long lasting bonds that start on night 1. Every room is a shared room* in Leavenworth and we are very excited to have you bunk up with your future nature loving buddies! The shared rooms always have the most bonding and we created this retreat with that in mind! Bring back the days of camp where you have friends built in from the first day!

Bring you and a buddy or show up ready to make new friends! How ever you show up, this communityis one with open arms! 

3 bunk mates or 4! Take your pick my friend!

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