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Learn the skills, tools and strategies to confidently explore your dream life.

Are you ready to Courageously Adventure?

You love adventure, it lights you up.

You love going on adventures. You know it is something that sets your soul on fire. But it is hard to prioritize it in the right way. When your not making it a part of your life, you feel drained and unfulfilled. Yet when you say yes to adventures, sometimes you overcompensate and take on too many things. Leaving you feeling burnt out and exhausted from the travel, the physical work, and planning. I understand. I was once there.

Many Adventurers Feel...


You don't know how your weekend warrior vibes can translate to a daily practice. 


You blame your job, financial situation, or lack of time for the reason you can't adventure as often as you would like. You blame outside circumstances for your limited adventures


You haven't found a friend group that is as passionate about exploring and adventuring as you are. You are not yet surrounded by the "yes men" you want in your life. One's that prioritize adventure.


You are "never" doing enough. You are constantly wondering if adventure life is even right for you. It's something you want to do, but it never comes easily to you as it does for others.


When you do make adventures a priority, other areas in your life suffer. You feel burnt out when you say yes to so many things. You end up spreading yourself too thin, making it hard to enjoy the adventures you do go on.

You have found what you are looking for.

If any of that resonated with you...

You're in the right place. Yoga and Adventure Retreats transform weekend warriors to everyday courageous adventurers.

Imagine waking up well-rested and looking at your calendar with an adventure on every blank space day.

You roll out of bed the Monday after an adventure and your body feels rejuvenated rather than exhausted.

You open your phone to a group chat of fellow "yes men" that are always down for an adventure.

You go into work loving your job and show up everyday excited because it gives you the resources to live your adventures. 

Imagine booking a trip on a whim and not having to worry about the details. Giving yourself the space to simply enjoy.

You are able to spend an entire vacation where you didn't think about work, not once! 

You step into the person who is confident and courageous on every adventure they take.


Most importantly, you feel a deep sense of gratitude for the life you have created to courageously adventure.



Adventure + Yoga Retreats

Adventure + Yoga Retreats are multi-day trips that connect a community of nature-loving individuals who are ready to courageously adventure.


What makes these Adventure + Yoga Retreats different?

These retreats are the first of their kind. 

Most retreats occur on the beaches of Costa Rica or stay on a retreat center's property. 

On these retreats, you don't sit on a beach waiting for life to happen. 

On these retreats, you become the resourceful person who creates the adventurous life you've always wanted. 

Adventure + Yoga Retreats are the first retreats that combine Mental Skills, Benefits of Movement, Adventure through Nature, and Sport & Performance Psychology Proven Tools.

You will rewire your brain to have it work for you rather than against you, taking action to create the life you've always wanted. 

This is the first process of its kind that is proven through research to work. 

A lot of retreats take you to pretty places, but none of them teach you mental skills that elevate your life to courageously adventure. 

Adventure + Yoga Retreats are the ONLY place you will explore nature AND learn to rewire your brain.

Courageously Adventure to your truest self.

Transform from the Weekend Warrior who is unsure how to explore more to the courageous adventurer who confidently creates their dream life.


“This is my second retreat with Karina and I will definitely be back again!...the best part of the retreat was connecting with all of my fellow attendees. Every time I have a chance to connect in a community with like-minded people in a space like this, I am amazed at how powerful that is. Take the chance, try something new, give yourself space to be vulnerable and grow - you'll treasure that experience for life."

Ashley Sunriver '21 & Joshua Tree '23 Retreat

“I am walking away with new perspectives, deeper self awareness and a re-sparked flame for exploration."

Alycia Zion Retreat '22

"You will get you out of your comfort zone and get you doing things you never thought you could do."

Monica Zion Retreat '22

 Adventure + Yoga Retreats

Zion National Park, Utah Adventure + Yoga Retreat

May 8-13, 2023

Hike as high as once thought only angels could land! Explore the Zion Canyon for a week! Check out the views and the rooms to bunk up in! Plus a cooking class by Chef Joe and his incredible skills! 

Leavenworth, WA Adventure + Yoga Retreat 

July 23-27, 2023

Hike some of the most iconic views of Washington State at the perfect time of year! Bring on the Pacific NorthWest Sunshine (oh yes it exists)! And don't forget your stien and pretzel with your beer cheese!


Women's Beginner Guided Backpacking Trip

Stehekien, WA

July 29-31, 2023

Join us in Stehekin, Washington. 

Stehekin is nestled deep in the heart of the North Cascades. Only accessible by foot, boat, and plane. Join us, Amanda & Karina for the first Beginner's Guided Backpacking Trip!

Baja, Mexico Business Reset Retreat

March 22-27, 2024

Turn CEO Burn Out into Bad Ass CEO that is able to stay on top of their business. Become the CEO that always has the perfect amount of energy to strategize, to pitch to new clients, and to run their team effectively! Apply today!


Transform into the Courageous Adventurer

We take action and make your dream life happen TODAY.

Learn the skills to be prepared in the backcountry.

Join a community of "yes-men" nature lovers.

Know when to amp up your training intensity & when to slow down and recover.

Push your body to its limits to clear your mind.

Feel supported by your plans rather than drained. 

Create the adventure-rich life you've always wanted.

Wake up after adventures feeling excited and rejuvenated.

Learn mental skills that rewire your brain for a world of possibilities. 

Become a courageous adventurer.

Use mental skills to have your brain work FOR you rather than against you.

Confidently explore the world around you as you please. 

What you get on an Adventure + Yoga Retreat

Skip the planning, all you have to do is show up. 

Relax in the arranged accommodations in large luxurious rooms and dream living rooms.

Enjoy the meals cooked by a private chef to your liking with NO cleanup (a dream!)

Practice 2 yoga classes a day that teach mobility skills and restorative poses to relax after a long day. 

Learn the mental skills to have your mind work for you rather than against you.

Elevate your mind through Sport & Performance Psychology Workshops that teach you actual skills to take into everyday practice.

Explore nature through multiple full-day hikes to physically challenge your body to clear the mind of the priorities that lead to an adventurous life. 

Conquer adrenaline-pumping activities where you face fears head-on.

Connect with a community of fellow "yes men" that will support you through the highs and lows of adventure living.

Practice makes progress, start with adventures, and translates courage to your everyday life. 

 Get instant access to emailed weekly journal prompts to start your transformation today.

The Investment

Time: 5-6 days

Energy: High 

Money: Shared rooms starting at $1990

*See each specific retreat page for prices.
Prices listed next to room names

Guaranteed confidence after the retreat. 

Confidence is learned. 

It's a skill that can be practiced. So let's practice. 

When we do something that scares us (travel alone, do a big scary hike or a new adventure) we get the opportunity to practice overcoming our fears. 

When we practice where there is nothing emotionally at risk we can begin to gain the confidence of emotional courage. 

Then we apply what we learned to our everyday life.

Courageously adventure.

Karina Head Shot Color-1774.jpg

Hi, I'm Karina Baldwin

6 years ago I almost dropped out of graduate school because it felt like something was missing. 

I had demanded so much of myself and forced myself into friend groups that I didn't feel connected to. I studied under mentors that I felt like I HAD to because of the creditability of their names in our field. 

Something was missing but I wasn't sure what. I spent the Christmas break of my first year of graduate school out in the Sierra Nevadas skiing. 

I realized that without adventure, life was nothing short of a lack of luster existence. 

I spent the next few years chasing the dream of the weekend warrior but knew there was more. 

When I took my life into my own hands I discovered it was not about the PTO, it's not about the money, it's not about the lack of nature-loving friends. It was about deciding that this life was meant for me. 

I begin courageously adventuring.

I held a traditional 9-5 job working for the US Army as a Mental Performance Coach and continued to explore the Pacific Northwest Mountains every weekend. I made it my Number 1 priority. 

This meant bringing my lunch from home for an entire year so I could afford a new backcountry ski set-up. It meant calculating PTO and extra hours to work in my favor for every 3-day weekend trip I could take. It meant skipping the weekly workout classes so I could have the energy to hike all weekend and still be able to get up for work Monday morning.

How did I do it? I decided it was a priority. I decided my life was an adventure, it was time to live it. And now I have made it my life work to empower YOU to do the same. 

It's about more than the physical work, not just the mobility, not just the big hikes, but the mental skills that give you the ability to make the big decision. 

Your life is worth adventuring. Your life is worth living courageously.


I felt very comfortable allowing myself to be vulnerable in the retreat space. I have discovered, or I should say remembered, that I can do hard things and that I have a power and a light that I should not be afraid to use.

Tiffany, Whistler Retreat '22

Is this for you?

If you are a weekend warrior that wants to adventure more.

You are ready to jump into every adventure that comes your way.

You are ready to be a "yes man" that explores any and all possibilities.

You are serious about stepping into adventure life. 
Or you are ready to explore to the next level.

You are ready to have the knowledge to feel prepared in the backcountry to rely on yourself . 

You want to enjoy a vacation that you don't have to plan.

You know there has been something missing and you're ready to embrace your dream life.

You are ready to step into confidence, courage, and excitement.

You are ready to leave behind blame, hustle, and worry about not doing enough.

You are eager to dive into your physical fitness. 

You are excited to learn the skills to improve your mental fitness and have your mind work for you rather than against you. 


You are ready to invest in yourself. 

You know investing in yourself is vital in pouring into your own cup.


You are ready to actually show up for yourself.

You desire a life in that you wake up feeling fulfilled and energized. 


You want to master saying "YES" to adventure and skip the burnout. 


You are ready to courageously adventure. 

This is the ONLY retreat that have you improve your physical fitness, learn mental skills, and explore the natural world while doing it!!

The days went by way too fast and I did not want it to come to an end! Rain or shine, the good vibes were all there! This is the stuff that lifetime moments and memories are made of!

- Lisa Glacier Retreat '22

Why is now the time?

Don't let another year go by where you're not adventuring.
Don't let your life happen TO you anymore. 
When you commit to yourself, you start investing in yourself in more ways than this retreat. You start prioritizing time for yourself to prepare for your adventure. 
Spend the extra $7 on the bath bomb. Take a mental health day, simply because you want it. 

The Netherlands did a study of over 1500 vacationers, they found they were happiest in the anticipation of the vacation. 
Now is the perfect time to put the trip on the calendar and start the anticipation growing.
It's the vacation you've always wanted, and don't have to plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't afford this?

It's a big investment. It's 190 Chipotle burritos, I get it. You may not have planned for an investment like this. It's all about resourcefulness, where can you find the resources to make it happen? Courageous adventurers know that investing in yourself is necessary to explore more in the future.  Think of your dream life full of adventure as a business. In order to start you would get a loan to buy or rent a property, and build the store you want before you even made your first dollar. Now is the time to invest in yourself. In the long run.

Do I need to pay someone?

You can absolutely plan a similar trip to these vacations. But your costs would look very different. Permits to hike some of the hikes we have planned are spoken for and hard to get if there are any remaining. Let go of the planning, let go of the stress of research.  Having access to a guide who has done the research and made the information bite-sized and digestible without any of the leg work on your end. You get access to information that the public does not. Also, you are cared for, and every single detail is thought of so you don't have to. This is the retreat that changes your life.

I'm too busy right now.

No worries, life is busy. But what would your life look like if you prioritize yourself? What if you made the time built into your schedule? Now is the time to make time for yourself every single week. If you want to live your dream adventure life, you have to actually go out on an adventure. Asking your life to be exciting without putting in the time is like asking your body to be fitter but never going to the gym. You deserve it. Make the time to explore.

I'm not sure I'm at the right yoga/hike fitness level

A common question! I send pre-recorded yoga classes to help you prepare for the fitness demands. I send out a Welcome Packet that helps you prepare yourself fitness-wise. The yoga classes will teach you the yoga language and the strong & stamina classes help you gain the strength & cardio to prepare for the hikes. I got you, but more importantly, you got you! You can use these classes over and over again as many times as you want until you feel ready to go!

I've been on retreats before...

Community is key. Accountability to show up for yourself. The pre-retreat weekly journal prompts are here to keep you accountable. No other retreat combines physical work with mental skills. This is one of a kind. Many other retreats have you sitting on a beach waiting and relaxing. On an Adventure + Yoga Retreat, you become the person that takes action and creates the life you've always wanted. You decide how its going to happen and YOU make it happen.

Do I want this or need this?

That decision is for you. You can say you want it, or you can say you need it. It's one in the same. You want an Adventure + Yoga Retreat is the catalyst to get you going. You want it because you need it. 

You have found what you are looking for.


Join an Adventure + Yoga Retreat

Courageously Advenutre

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