Rediscover your truest self

Hiking + Yoga Retreats

Retreats 2022

Find clarity in Nature through Meditation and Yoga on my retreat various nature spaces where we have a cabin to ourselves in the middle of the beautiful forest!

Yoga Group

Whistler, Canada

Ready to dive right into the Canadian Rockies in literal paradise! Check out all that you get and the rooms you can stay in!

Zion National Park, Utah

Hike as high as once thought only angels could land! Check out the views and the rooms to bunk up in!

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier is calling your name! The landscapes are things people only dream of! Check out the stays!

Yoga Class

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona's energy is unmatched! We'll be doing a plant medicine workshop! Check out all the rooms you can choose from here!

Tree Pose

Joshua Tree National Park

We will be staying near 17 energy vortexes and soaking in the only  National Park that has Joshua Trees. Check out your rooms here!

Overwhelmed and Unclear

Living in the world we live in has so many benefits. We have instant access to call anyone anywhere globally! But there's also all the stress that comes with it. You're constantly on demand by your boss. Or you're a business owner and are continually dedicating more hours than there are in a day to your baby! 


We have more stress in our lives than ever before. Our mind actively seeks out things to stress over, and in this age, the more we allow our mind to go down this road, the less clear we see things.

Without clarity, we lose touch with ourselves and are too overwhelmed to prioritize what is important to us. Does this sound like you?

Find yourself making clear and confident life decisions.


Hiking + Yoga + Meditation

   I am a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, and self-proclaimed Nature Queen. All three of these practices have incredible healing benefits, and I believe when used together, you can discover your life's most authentic path. Everyone deserves to have a healthy balanced life and the ability to connect with oneself.

  I was once there, I was constantly bombarded with the "what's next" on my to-do list, and I wasn't getting enough time out in nature. I had lost touch with what was important to me. Then I moved to Washington, and I realized what I was missing: Nature. 


Now it is my mission to share what I have discovered through the combination of Hiking Yoga and Meditation. After this retreat, you will walk away having created a base yoga and meditation practice to build from when you get back home. You will have spent time hiking in nature to allow your mind to clear and create space for what is important for you. Most of all, you will have developed a deeper connection with yourself.

Rediscover your truest self while making life decisions with clarity and confidence.